meet Founder, juliet

I hope my story inspires you to set out on your own wellness journey. Be well!
— Juliet


Like many people, Juliet’s journey to wellness started long before she was aware. After experiencing weight fluctuations as an adolescent, Juliet began a strict diet and exercise regimen that she rarely wavered from. It wasn’t until many years later she learned that her concerns did not lie in how much she ate, but what she ate. In the summer of 2014, she visited Greece with her husband where she only ate foods typical of a Mediterranean diet. Quickly, Juliet realized that her uncomfortable bloating had gone away and her usually aggravated stomach was at ease. The difference was so apparent, she became determined to look further into the effect of food on the body upon her return. Working in a prestigious NYC dermatology practice, she had the unique opportunity to do so.

At the time, her office was connecting gut health to skin health and Juliet was able to spearhead the creation of a wellness division there. Committed to learning more about her body, she underwent a slew of testing to ascertain food intolerance, chemical and environmental sensitivity, and cortisol levels in her system. The findings of these wellness tests were her “ah-ha moment” that has now shaped the rest of her life. She learned she was highly intolerant of many foods she consumed regularly, especially dairy and food containing gluten. With this knowledge, Juliet completely overhauled her diet, removing everything she was sensitive to. The results were remarkable. Her skin cleared up, her stomach was at peace, and energy was through the roof. In all, her quality of life greatly improved.

Always one with a sweet tooth, Juliet felt that her new diet was missing something: dessert! However, most desserts are filled with dairy ingredients, sugar, and gluten-containing flour. Bakeries were a land mine, the dessert menus of restaurants sure to make her feel sick.  And so, she began baking, researching alternatives to wheat flour, milk, butter, and sugar. Using family and friends as taste testers, she would arrive to get togethers with trays of “healthy treats, not cheats.” Their immediate popularity was all she needed to keep going.

Through countless baking sessions trying out and testing different ingredients, Juliet put together a menu of the best recipes. Recipes all naturally gluten and dairy free, baked with organic wholesome ingredients with low sugar.  This makes it easy for wellness enthusiasts and those with celiac disease or sensitive stomachs to enjoy a delicious treat.

Today, Juliet leads healthy recipe development/content creation for Well baked, an Aesthetic & Wellness Business Consultant and a Certified Health Coach, receiving her certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It was important to her to back up her personal education in wellness with professional credentials. She is excited to share her passion for wellness through blogging. She believes if we are more aware of how we are fueling our bodies, we can change how they run and, in turn, improve our lives. With Well baked, she is proud to be sharing her passion for clean eating.